Run warm-ups

One of the current schools of thought on warm-ups for endurance athletes is that they are unnecessary since endurance athletes do not begin their sessions with explosive bursts of training so the initial "sets" of the session can be used as the warm-up.

Why we emphatically recommend a proper warm-up!

The usual reason given for warming up is to reduce the danger of injury. While it is true that if you are not beginning with explosive sets a gentle start to the main session is probably enough to achieve the same injury reduction effect this is not the main reason for warming up!

The main benefit of a proper warm-up followed by a pause to replenish the muscle glycogen stores is that it increases the time to exhaustion in the higher intensity phases later in the session by up to 30%.

In short, you will be able to train at higher intensity and make your training that much more efficient - more bucks in the same time!.


Duration = 11 mins

  • 2 mins jog
  • 2 mins dynamic stretching
  • 2 mins run gradually increasing in intensity (level 4-6)
  • 2 min static stretching
  • 2x 200m - level 7


Duration = 15 mins

  • 3 mins jog
  • 3 mins dynamic stretching
  • 3 mins run gradually increasing in intensity (level 4-6)
  • 3 mins static stretching
  • 3x 200m @ level 7     


Duration = 18 mins

  • 4 mins jog
  • 4 mins dynamic stretching
  • 4 mins run gradually increasing in intensity (level 4-6)
  • 4 min static stretching
  • 4x 200m - level 7