NHS Combined Single Sport

NHS Single Sport (Run, Swim or Bike) Package

£19.99 per month, first two months free.

Club Training

As a member of the club, you will be able to join in any of the 8 to 12 sessions per month held around Southampton and Basingstoke each month. (The number varies according to season)

You will also be able to join in "The Beast". This is a Strength and Conditioning session designed for endurance athletes lasting an hour and is followed by immediately by a run session to develop your endurance.

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Online Guide

In addition, you will have access to the online training guide published monthly. This has 12 to 16 training (depending on season) set at novice, intermediate and advanced levels. It also contains a host of information on subjects related to performance; recovery, nutrition, equipment, mindfulness, injury to name but a few.

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