There is no doubt that getting your stroke right is, ultimately, the most important part of the swimming leg. With a poor stroke you'll swim more slowly and waste a huge amount of energy.

It also poses the biggest challenge for those who do not come with a swimming background. Not only is there an emphasis on skill, it demands upper body strength in particular, and this has been gradually declining in the modern world. Normal dailly life puts few demands on chest, shoulders and arms.

For these reason you should give some careful thought to how you work on training.


Providing you have the basics of a reasonable swimming style, you should probably be concentrating on developing you ability to go the distance.If you can do 25m but feel the need to take a breather then start doing 50's and taking a breather. If a 100 then start doing 150's.

Once you can happily swim perhaps 100m you can begin to work on your style. We suggest you leave it until then because improving your style requires performing a variety of drills and you will struggle with these if you lack the basic strength and endurance.

Diving in

On the site you will find some training sessions to help you improve strength and enduarnce, and links to videos that can help to improve your stroke.

But, there is no doubt that a coach, watching you from pool-side and guiding you, will make the difference far faster.

Why not join us for a session in either Southampton or Basingstoke. Contact us with the form alonside and we will call you back.


If you have already got the odd competition under your belt you will have recognised the importance of technique and style. You will also be looking at a more focused approach to developing strength, endurance and speed.

Our online training is a good place to start and you can see more about the options here.

But better than that are coached sessions with a qualified coach. As with the novices why not try one of our club sessions at either Basingstoke or Southampton

Contact us with the form alonside and we will call you back.

Mastering your Front Crawl Arms

Mastering your Front Crawl Legs

Mastering Breathing

The videos above were produced by Elite Swimming Academy Cambridge and are available on Youtube.


They are a good introduction to pool swimming but there are subtle and important differences for triathletes who are open water swimming.