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Gearing up for speed

As the race season gets into full swing we are aiming to seriously built speed. All the groundwork you did in the early months of the year will have provided the foundations; now is the time to build on them.

Last month probably felt hard as you transitioned from a focus on strength, power and endurance to concentrating on speed. This month will be tougher as you seriously up the intensity.

This puts additional strains on the body making proper recovery vital, which is why we are pleased to have an article on the subject from Kymira Sport on the subject.

This increase in intensity makes us more prone to injury so we take a look at some of the solutions. And there is no doubt that hard training hurts unless we have the right mindset. It's all to easy to forget that the reason we took up the sport was to have fun and get that sense of achievement that a PB, podium or maybe a first gives.

Good luck for a great race season.

Team Savage

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