Kymira Sports


Founded in Reading, England in 2013 by a bunch of scientists. KYMIRA Sport was created to fund R&D for further Smart Garments.

KYMIRA Sport’s range of Infrared Performance and Recovery sportswear is leading the way in sports technology.

Through our sportswear range, we have been able to give professional sports teams and athletes the ability to improve their performance to reach higher goals.

We help them train for longer, push themselves harder with reduced risk of injury and pain.

Across the globe, our garments, which include training and recovery/sleep wear, are smashing through personal boundaries, helping the best get better.

Our products are designed and tested to increase physical performance and to enhance active-recovery.

Our customers include Olympic Gold Medallists and International Rugby Teams.

KYMIRA Sport is worn by some of the top athletes in the world and our sports community is growing!

Our sportswear helps athletes of all abilities to train at new levels and to recover more rapidly across a variety of disciplines including; running, cycling, HIIT, Winter sports and triathlons.

KYMIRA Sport does not stop there! We also help adventurers attempt to set new world records. From rowing the Atlantic to walking the 5 largest islands of the world, unsupported. Our garments help them combat extreme weather conditions and physical challenges.