Training Guide

The Monthly Training Guide is designed to complement or be used as an alternative to club membership or one to one coaching.

Unless you are a professional it is inevitable that much of your training will be done on your own – you will be your own coach! As such we want you to be the best coach you can be.

The Monthly Coaching Guide gives you carefully planned sessions – at three different levels – to help you peak at the right time. It also gives you the background knowledge to understand why you should train in specific ways and how to prepare generally to ensure you get the most from your training.

The sessions are aligned to the European calendar and are divided into phases.

Follow the monthly plan and you’ll peak for your primary events between June-Sept.

The ‘Hows’: Training sessions

Every month you will receive between 12 and 16 sessions, depending on the time of year, covering all aspects of triathlon. Swimming, cycling, running, transition and brick training.

Each session has three different levels, novice, intermediate and advanced. Select the level you feel is most appropriate and follow that. You may find that you are comfortable with advanced on one discipline while novice is more appropriate for another – just select what feels right – providing you are pushing yourself a little beyond your comfort level.

Simply your standard against one of 3 levels of ability (novice, intermediate or advanced) and follow the session instruction.

The sessions target athletes wishing to participate in events between short pool based novice events up to open water events over the Standard Distance.

Each session is broken down as follows:

  • Details of the session
  • The aim
  • The list of equipment you’ll need
  • The impact it will have on your training.

The ‘WHYs’: Knowledge = speed.

We’ll go faster if we understand the why’s of what we do.

Triathlon, being multi-disciplined, is both complex and technical thus creating a greater need to understand the non-physical side to the sport in order to achieve ‘our best’.

We aim to increase awareness by providing articles and explanations.

Such topics will typically cover:

  • Psychology
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Recovery
  • Sports injury and therapy
  • Phasing
  • Equipment
  • Bike maintenance
  • Training cycles
  • Terminology
  • Understanding of bicycle gears
  • Race preparation