April Articles

This month we take a look at 

Training Sessions

This month we see a 10% volume reduction in endurance training compared to March. This is to make room for the increase in speed training and the triathlon specific skill of transitions.

Random Ramblings

It is not surprising most of the population are unsure about a wide range of issues surrounding health and fitness. The amount of conflicting information provided by both individuals and organisations that purport to be experts is mind-blowing. I have been given or told:

Guidance from European and UK bodies on the recommended dose of Vitamin D - they vary by a factor of 3 times. The RDA given by UK Authorities is only half that recommended by the same organisation

The "Fat Burning Zone" - I have been told, is the zone to exercise in to maximise weight-loss, and another professional body (responsible for qualifications) that it doesn't exist. Both of which are wrong.

That the average man requires 2500 calories per day (women - 2000) while the calculators on the same NHS website (when you find them show that this is wrong by somewhere between 20% and 35%. 

And by another that there is no need for endurance athletes to warm-up before a training session.

The good news is that if you do your research assiduously or have access to professionals who have not only the academic background but also direct experience of your sport, preferably actually participating, you can find the right answers.

We have, I hope,  dealt with three of the issues mentioned above,  in the articles this month.

And we will continue to seek out real, accurate and up to date guidance.

Enjoy and learn! 

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