Welcome and Thank you

First, we’d like to say a big thank you for choosing Savage Sports.

We sincerely hope that by following the program, you’ll achieve your 10k aims and feel the benefit from the educational resources we’ve included.

Choosing which program we are best suited to can be a minefield but follow the program and we’re confident you’ll see and feel results pretty quickly.

The program is divided into three parts.

  1. The training sessions. 12 sessions per month designed to reduce your 10k times.
  2. The articles. Every month we’ll include a series of related articles and videos from industry professionals designed to educate and inform.
  3. ‘Stickies’! These are a group of documents available for constant reference. Eg phasing, rates of exertion, terminology guide etc.

Train happy, train smart!

Best wishes

Team Savage!