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At the end of last month, I was lucky enough to go to a seminar delivered by a specialist in sports medicine. He was focusing on sports injuries but covered a range of topics that should be of interest to triathletes.

In particular, he talked about vitamin D and problems associated with vitamin D deficiency. Many of you will know about the impact of it on bone density but assume that this only becomes important to older members of the community.

It does, however, impact a wide range of other functions including our immune systems, stress levels and cortisol production, sugar metabolism, sleep and energy levels. It is even closely linked to depression.

While I was aware of most of these, I had always assumed that I was immune from them because I spend a large amount of time outside - the body manufactures Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. 

Unfortunately, it seems that in winter the strength of sunlight is not sufficient and almost all of us will be suffering a Vitamin D deficiency by the time we get to February. As a result of learning this, I started to take a Vitamin D supplement and I am noticing a change in mood and energy in just a week.

If you want to follow suit, the guidance was that you should take a high strength version - about 1000 units - which is about 500% of the RDA. Don't worry about overdosing at that level, apparently, you would have to take about 10,000 units per day for several months before you overdosed.

If you want to know more we will run an article on Vitamin D next month.