How much should I eat?

Basal metabolic rate calculator with guidance on using it. Click here

Am I drinking enough?

Not remaining hydrated is one of the biggest killers of performance, both in training and on race day. The best guide is the colour of your urine - check it out? Click here

Stretching - To improve recovery and help to avoid injury

Feeling stiff? Not as flexible as you'd like? We have curated 7 videos to help you during warm-up and warm-down as well as an additional one to really develop overall flexibility. Click here

Borg Scale - Heart Zones

The Borg Scale provides an easy way to relate effort to heart rate to ensure you are training at the correct intensity; if you are a fit young person in your 20's. But as Max HR and Resting HR change as you age it is a little more complicated. The calculator here helps you calibrate your heart rate. Click here