Training Oct-Jan.

  • 75% endurance
  • 15% strength
  • 10% speed

Run Proportions 1


The ‘base’ phase builds a solid foundation by gradually building up miles (endurance) from which subsequent training done throughout the remainder of the year ‘sits’ on.

Typically, we’ll be running at low-medium intensity but we’ll be including some speed and strength work to keep you on your toes!

Endurance: Long runs teach our bodies to run more efficiently. Typically we’ll be building levels of endurance up to 12 miles.

Speed: Short, sharp bursts of speed ranging from 10 secs to 10 minutes (depending on the stage within the phase) will be included in some sessions.

Strength: Strength work developed in a gym isn’t a bad thing at all. However, time is of the essence and not everyone has access to a gym so we’ll be including strength-specific run sessions into our program.


Feb-May Training

  • 60% endurance
  • 25% strength
  • 15% speed

Run Proportions 2


This phase is designed to strengthen the body in preparation for the higher intensity running to come during the ‘peak’ phase.  We’ll be fractionally reducing mileage, but there will be an increase in time spent developing strength and speed.

Endurance: We’ll still be doing our long runs, all be it slightly reduced (e.g. up to 10 miles) as it’s essential we maintain endurance levels. 

Speed: We’ll be including tempo, ‘fartlek’ runs and long repeats (eg . Tempo running trains your system to utilize lactate instead of letting it shut you down, and also develops muscular endurance and strengthens connective tissues. This is not to be confused with sprints. They come during the ‘peak’ phase.

Strength: 25% of our training time during this phase will be spent developing strength. This is best done by using gradients (hills and steps). This is by far the best strength training for runners because it’s specific to the sport and they place similar demand on our muscles as weight training.

June-Sept Training

  • 40% endurance
  • 10% strength
  • 50% speed

Run Proportions 3


This is what the ‘build’ and ‘preparation’ phases have been leading up to. Our primary goal during this ‘peak’ phase is to develop speed. Regardless of our motives for running, we’d all like to clear the distance as quickly as possible.

Endurance: The endurance run gets once again trimmed compared to phase 2. (Maximum of 8 miles).

Speed: We see a hike in emphasis placed on speed development. We’ll typically be running two different sessions. One done between 400m-800m and the other at tempo pace of around 1200m. 

Strength: The majority of strength work has been done but we’ll be ‘topping up’ our levels once or twice a month by once again returning to the