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Isn’t it good to be out on the bike in the fresh air and ride in warmer and drier conditions!

As our primary races get closer, it’s important we train our bodies to replicate the sensations of race day by training at higher intensities than in previous months. That said we need to manage all other aspects of riding. Technique, endurance and power to name but three. It’s a fine balance but important to get right.

Sessions this month’s will include:

  • A cracking session which gradually builds in intensity before repeating the process
  • Building cadence more and more as the session progresses
  • An endurance ride with frequent bursts of acceleration to develop speed and power
  • A ‘fartlek’ session designed to increase power in the hills.

Bike Sessions

Session 1 – Increasing intensity.

Purpose of this session

  • To further develop pace awareness
  • To work up to finding our maximum level

Coaching points

  • Stay in the same gear throughout
  • Best done on flat roads
  • Listen to your body.


  • Intensity increases can be monitored by cadence or power feedback
  • Start/finish at higher/lower intensity levels
  • Use harder/easier gear to develop more power/spin.

Impact on your training

Your perception of intensity will increase enabling you to produce well-paced training ride. This awareness is an essential tool when racing.

Bike 1a

Session 2 – Increasing cadence

Purpose of this session

  • To sustain higher average cadence
  • To develop cardio vascular strength

Coaching points

  • Establish sustainable gear during warm up and stick with it
  • Flat course highly recommended
  • Keep upper body still (especially at higher cadences)
  • Aim to stay seated and spin up any inclines


  • Increase/decrease starting cadence
  • Take a break between cadence increases if you’re struggling to match the values
  • Good session on rainy day on a turbo or gym static bike.

Impact on your training

The increased cardio vascular capacity will enable you to perform at higher intensities, recover quicker ready for the next section of your ride.

Kit needed:

  • Outdoor bike things
  • Cadence feedback

Bike 2a

Session 3 – Endurance mixed with sprints

Purpose of this session

  • Consolidate previously built endurance
  • Break up mono pace endurance ‘stagnation’ and strengthen anaerobic threshold (AT) system

Coaching points

  • Remain focussed on technique regardless of intensity being applied. Upper body relaxed, ‘soft’ hands and elbows and smooth pedal action
  • Use the recoveries to regain composure, get breath back and ride with control.


  • Drop down a gear during sprints to develop cadence and anaerobic capacity
  • Sprints can be done out of the saddle in big gear to develop power

Impact on your training

This session will develop high levels of force enabling you to produce fast sprints and powerful hill climbs during training rides.

Bike 3a

Session 4 – Fartlek session.

Purpose of this session

  • To develop multiple training systems in one session

Coaching points

  • Attack every incline out of the saddle. If the hill isn’t particularly steep, use fairly big gear to ensure high levels of power are needed to get to the top
  • Other than that, there is no set formula other than to constantly vary intensities, durations and cadences
  • The more hills, the better!


  • On a flat course: include a series of high intensity efforts totalling 25-35% of overall ride time.

Impact on your training

Your ability to ride hilly and undulating courses in training will have gone to another level. Recovery quicker, produce more power and ascend/descend with more confidence.

Bike 4a

PDF Training Sessions

To make it easy to take a copy of a session with you when training we have created a PDF version.

Download it here and print the pages you need.

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